Supporting Ukraine & the Ukrainian Production Community | What You Can Do

Posted in News, tagged with International Markets, on February 24, 2022

Thank you to all 205 of you who joined the Ukraine Zoom call yesterday. It demonstrated the enthusiasm of our community to help people in Ukraine. The people from Ukrainian production companies, Radioaktive and Family, were moved by your support.

Now to turn that into effective action.

We have looked at many different means of helping. In trying to help with any crisis, the critical starting point is to find organisations with people and infrastructure on the ground who understand what is needed and is capable of providing it.

We have decided that, in the immediate time at least, the most effective means of support is for us to collect money from APA members and pass it on to Radioaktive, who are organising their support from their temporary base in Warsaw.

If you want to be part of that effort, you can make payments to:

Advertising Producers Association

Sort Code: 18-00-02

Account Number: 03669475


Mark the payment “Ukraine”

FYI We looked into setting up a separate account but it would take days to navigate regulatory and compliance issues and we need to do this now. We aren’t doing Just Giving because they take some of the money and Gift Aid can’t be added- that only applies to UK charities.

We are undertaking this initiative with the AICP, so that money comes from US production companies too and AICP members should contact the AICP for details of where to send their donations.

Where will the money go and how else could you support Ukraine? That is best explained by Radioaktive founder, Darko Skulsky:

“Dear Friends,

Let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who has reached out to us in this past week.  Your support and understanding has been immensely appreciated by all of us.

I am incredibly proud of the entire Ukrainian Radioaktive family.  Despite the unbearable stress and anguish of seeing their country attacked, homes destroyed and friends and relatives fleeing for their lives, they have responded with bravery, strength and determination to do everything they can to help our homeland. Thanks also to our Polish colleagues, for their kindness and assistance during these difficult days.

The logistics of supplying the war effort against Russia on all fronts are a bit too much for even Radioaktive to handle efficiently on our own.  Therefore, we have decided to focus specifically on helping the many members of the production community in Ukraine, who are now jobless, perhaps homeless and in desperate need of our help.

The money you send to the APA will   be sent to us to spend on   providing  housing, food, communications, transport, medicine and anything else that may be necessary for our colleagues to survive this war.

If you prefer to make a donation the the Ukrainian effort at large, we recommend the following organizations:

for military donations.
Humanitarian Aid

If you are unable to make a financial donation, please continue drawing attention to the war and to the suffering in Ukraine – on social media, at protests. Ukraine needs all of Europe and the world to be by its side. 

From all of us at Radioaktive – thank you.  Thanks for your support, your attention, and for the many years of friendship and collaboration.

Ukraine will win. We will be back! We got this ……


There will be more we can all do, our objective here was to find the best route to helping now. As Darko explains, this initiative is designed to support the Ukrainian production community; there are other organisations if you prefer to support Ukraine in other ways.