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The Music Video Producers Association (MVPA: a subsidiary of the APA) has partnered with We Direct Music Videos (WDMV) and director Ian Pons Jewell to create a new template for music video production contracts.
Production companies and directors often invest in videos and it is vital to have a contract that acknowledges these investments. This contract will enable production companies and directors to use films to promote their expertise and participate in any additional income the videos generate. The new contract addresses that and provides further clarity on the responsibilities of record labels and production companies.
Steve Davies, CEO of the MVPA states; “Production companies enjoy the creativity of music videos. It is critical to ensure that they have a sustainable business model that when they choose to invest in a video, they also share in the benefits.
Working with Ian and WDMV on this has been rewarding. I see a determination and commitment to music videos born from their passion and their desire to make them”.
Ian Pons Jewell remarks that these new terms are important to having a healthy music video industry and ensuring companies have the right expertise available to make videos. “Since the major change in budgets, music videos have been an incredibly tough world to navigate, with pretty horrendous terms for the directors and crews working on them. Despite this, it’s an incredible art form, so it’s our hope that these contract changes can be embraced as a step toward making music videos a better space to be involved in. WDMV kicked off this conversation, shining a light on the realities of the music video world and improving pitching terms, so I’m hoping this will be another big positive step for us. The APA/MVPA have been an incredible partner in this, working with us on the language and realities of this improvement in contract terms.
There can’t ever be a one size fits all, so it’s essential that directors and their production companies negotiate each project on its merits. These term changes aim to improve the base level of negotiations. We hope this will create a healthier space for absolutely everyone’’, he adds.
We Direct Music Videos (WDMV) asserts the need for transparency within the music industry. Miranda Tiano, Global Lead at WDMV states; “We are honoured to work with the APA/MVPA on constructing a music video contract that covers a variety of requests that have not been taken into consideration such as stills usage, profit share for artist merchandise, and directors’ cuts. When Ian Pons Jewell approached us with his idea to update contracts, we knew it would be a huge undertaking.
To ensure the updates reflect current issues, we interviewed directors and producers globally to share their experiences. Once we identified obstacles and possibilities, we brought our findings to the APA/MVPA who donated months of their time to build the new contract. Although these efforts are being made for the UK market, we are empowering directors and producers at all levels to negotiate fair terms by making the contract available to everyone.  This is a major step forward for the music video industry’’.
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