Code of Conduct & Complaints Process Seminar

Posted in News, tagged with Seminars, on January 25, 2022

In this Zoom presentation from Rebecca Thornley-Gibson, Employment lawyer and Partner, DMH Stallard Solicitors and Steve Davies, you will learn why having a code of conduct and a procedure for dealing with complaints that have been breached are critical to your business.

Why- because people who have suffered from racism or inappropriate sexual conduct in the workplace deserve to have their complaints heard and dealt with fairly. People who are complained about deserve to be dealt with fairly, including understanding the complaint made against them and having the opportunity to respond to it.

You risk exposing yourself to legal action and reputational damage if you fail to provide a system that meet these goals as an employer.

We saw complaints of racism and inappropriate sexual conduct made to APA members last year. The details of those are confidential but we can see from them that a company can only manage complaints fairly and effectively if they have a code of conduct and complaints process. Without that, you are working in the dark.

In this seminar, you will learn how to have your own code of conduct (adopt our template) and complaints process (again adopt ours) and how to manage a complaints process in practice.

We will also look at the difficulties of taking effective action, in the event a complaint is upheld, where the person complained about is freelance and cannot therefore be subject to the disciplinary processes at your disposal in respect of employees. You’ll learn actions can you take in that instance.

Attending the seminar will enable us to help you manage these difficult and important issues. By participating, you will be helping to achieve our goal of demonstrating the commercials production sector is enlightened and fair; one in which people with such issues know that they can raise them and both complainant and someone complained about can anticipate being dealt fairly.

The presentation will be for 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes Q&A session.