Ringan Ledwidge (1971-2021)

Posted in News, on November 22, 2021

Ringan Ledwidge 1971-2021

We share the sadness of the whole advertising community at the tragic death of super talented director Ringan Ledwidge.

Ringan’s talent, warmth and personality, apparent to anyone lucky enough to know or work with him are beautifully expressed in this statement from Rattling Stick, the production company he founded with Johnnie Frankel and Danny Kleinmann.

“Ringan was one in a million. The Best of the Best. His talent to one side for a moment. He had this wonderful ability of making everyone and I mean literally everyone he met feel special. He never forgot a name. He’d always make time to listen. He’d give a little head nod and a wink from across the room if he couldn’t escape his current chat to get to you and you instantly felt like you were included. He was gifted in the ability of lifting everyone he met and coincidentally has furthered many a career/or even just a mood/ or an entire life in fact because of that. He was a very special soul with an infectious booming laugh that instantly made you laugh too, he was always on hand for advice and support, always stayed true to his word. And let’s be honest he was rather nice to look at.

His passion for his work was unfathomable. As soon as he saw something in the idea, he was off. Like a greyhound out the trap. 100% on board from day one. The way he supported the creatives through the production process was unique. He described himself once as the ‘Guardian of the Idea’ and he truly was. Seeing him light up when he was talking through his ideas from the initial meeting and beyond was an utter joy to watch. Obviously being in my position I regularly heard the ‘he always says no’ line but the truth is, when you finally got a yes and you saw him go full Ringan Ledwidge on a script it was worth every one of those no’s. And we didn’t call him Ringan Leverage for nothing.

Right now the only solace we can take is that Ringan was able to leave a beautiful personal legacy in his wife and daughter. He was so unbelievably proud of them. 

And of course Ringan’s work. Warmth, humanity, style, dramatic, soulful, heart-wrenching – the list is endless. In regards to the industry, my god a massive light has gone out. He will never be forgotten.”

Our condolences and love to his wife and daughter and to everyone at Rattling Stick.