The Facts From Thinkbox

Posted in News, on August 12, 2021

How are changing viewing habits effecting how we reach consumers? How is people’s media consumption shared between linear TV, Broadcaster video on demand, Netflix and other streaming services and the internet? What is the reach of TV advertising in that environment?

Our friends at Thinkbox have come up with more research that answers those questions. Aside from their charts being interesting in themselves – a fascinating insight into how humanity spends it time in 2021, they are also very useful in discussions with advertisers when working direct – in particular, about where there commercials might be seen and the content that would be best for those channels.

It gives you useful facts at your fingertips with which to amaze your friends (or at least the brand manager at the client whose work you are trying to win); such as broadcast TV accounting for 64% of our video daily, 2.5billion TV commercials being seen in the UK every day and 68% of adults watch over 50 linear TV ads a week.

Download the report below.