Further Shooting Guidelines Update

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, on August 19, 2021

It is no longer necessary for someone who has been fully vaccinated or is under 18 years and 6 months to self isolate after being in contact with someone with COVID.

This is an important step forward for productions, which have suffered significant disruption over the past few weeks.

Some of that disruption was a result of people involved in the production developing symptoms or testing positive – and that will still be the case because those people are still required to self-isolate.

Much of it though was a result of close contacts having to self-isolate and the fact that is no longer required will substantially reduce disruption to productions.

Instead, close contacts should arrange to have a PCR test. You do not need to self-isolate while waiting for the result of that test (unless you have symptoms) – only if you get a positive result.

The APA Covid Shooting Guidelines have been updated accordingly.