Our Evidence to Parliament on Seeking Support for Freelancers

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, Industry Action, on February 5, 2021

Our evidence to Parliament seeking support for freelancers.

Chief Executive Steve Davies gave evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group on gaps in financial support over COVID earlier this week.

The chair, Caroline Lucas MP and the other MP’s forming the group understand that large groups of freelancers have been left with no support and are committed to persuading the Government to change that.

Steve reiterated the APA proposal that the Treasury Committee endorsed last year:

  • The £50,000 cap be scrapped.
  • That the support should be extended to freelancers working through service companies.
  • That the 3 year of accounts rule be scrapped so anyone who filed a tax return for last year qualifies.

Click HERE to register your support for that proposal.