Updated Office Guidelines v.2

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, on January 22, 2021

Our COVID Office Guidelines (first published in May of last year along with our Shooting Guidelines) are updated regularly, with links on our site always taking you to the most up-to-date version. 

The context for this latest update is the Government’s announcement of stricter COVID control measures generally (on the 15th Jan) and its guidance that you should only “go to work if you cannot reasonably do so from home”.

With this, the newest version of the Office Guidelines starts with a focus on COVID safety when working from home and the factors you need to consider before deciding to work in the Office (by which we include edit suites, audio suites and VFX facilities). In the context of editing, VFX and audio post, we have also set out advice in respect of client attendance. 

Guidance Key Changes:

  • Added emphasis on the importance of remote working – details on why this is the case in reference to government guidance. 
  • Added section in APA Best Practice for ‘Working from Home’.
  • Added section on how best to work from home, taking into account ways to help workers ensure safety and confidentiality laws are abided by. 
  • Added guidance for those working in post-production on how best to work from home. 
  • Added advice on Client attendance to either Production or Post-production companies. 
  • A line added to best practice around Mental Health. 
  • Amendment of self-isolation period from 14 days to 10 days. 
  • Amendments to Health Declaration (Appendix 1) to account for 10 day self-isolation period.
  • A new emphasis on ventilation, to reflect the latest evidence and advice on its importance to stopping the spread of infections.
  • Added section in ‘PPE and Sanitisation’ to include information on when someone is exempt to wearing a mask. 

Please read the updated Office Guidelines in their entirety as the above list is not exhaustive.