APA Launches D2C Training Courses

Posted in News, tagged with Learning, on November 11, 2020

2020 has forced many organisations to examine their current proposition to their market and consider evolution, if not transformation of revenue streams.

That’s why the APA will continue to offer advice and support on widening the production company offering to brand-owners along with our other services and benefits.

In conjunction with our Direct to Brand partners, we have developed four online training modules, which are designed to help our members develop and promote strong business propositions, create new services, acquire new customers and manage commercially successful brand relationships.

These concise, two hour modules will enable organisations to:

  • Re-boot their thinking and strategies
  • Expand capabilities
  • Identify new skills needed
  • Take advantage of new opportunities as they arise in any new landscape

To ensure that our members get the best quality training out of each module we have capped the number of attendees, however these training sessions will be continuously repeated and developed so as soon as one module is sold out, we will be releasing more dates and so on.

The Direct to Brand Courses are exclusively offered to APA members and are best suited to management level roles, new business / business development roles or anyone managing brand relationships.

See full details on the course and our tutors HERE.