Coronavirus Update #68

Posted in News, on October 19, 2020

This evening the Prime Minister announced further restrictions in relation to COVID to operate throughout England from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December.

The new restrictions do not affect shoots – they can continue as before.

During the upcoming four week period:

Restaurants, pubs and non-essential retail must close.

Work at home if you can.

Production can continue – like manufacturing it cannot be done at home.

You can continue to shoot in people’s homes – they are locations for the purpose of filming only.

Note – at no point did the Government make it illegal to shoot (and these restrictions in general are less severe than in March and April).

Most production did stop, as we all grappled with how to move forward and no guidance on how to work safety was available, so work did not resume until people felt safer and were confident via our guidelines that they could shoot safely and responsibly, but even then they weren’t legally required to stop.

It is different this time – we have the guidelines in place and APA members have shown we can work safely and responsibly over the course of the many productions that have taken place over the last few months. 

We will spread the word to advertisers and agencies and please take every opportunity to do the same of course.