Over 1500 C-19 Protocol Tests Taken

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, on June 26, 2020

To date we have had just over 1500 individuals from APA member, agencies, independent freelancers, diary services and equipment hire companies taking the APA COVID-19 Protocol Test.

Out of all the successful test takers we now have 340 individuals on the COVID database ready and waiting to be considered for the role of COVID Supervisor.

As previously stated, a person who passes the Assessment Test shows a good understanding of our Shooting Guidelines, however this does not qualify a person to be a COVID Supervisor automatically. They still need to prove to the producer that they have sufficient production & on shoot experience for the scale of the shoot you are undertaking.

The rate for a C-19 Supervisor is the rate you would normally pay the person performing the role e.g. if they are a production assistant, the production assistant’s rate applies.