COVID Supervisor Database

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, on June 4, 2020

116 people have now undertaken the APA Covid Guidelines Assessment Test and volunteered to be listed on our new COVID Supervisor database, so that you can consider them for that role for your production. The link to the database is below. 

A person who passes the Assessment Test shows a good understanding of our Shooting Guidelines, however this does not qualify a person to be a COVID Supervisor automatically. They still need to prove to the producer that they have sufficient production & on shoot experience for the scale of the shoot you are undertaking. 

Please see the APA COVID Shooting Guidelines for details of the COVID Supervisor role.

The rate for a C-19 Supervisor is the rate you would normally pay the person performing the role e.g. if they are a production assistant, the production assistant’s rate applies.

This database will be updated over the next few days so please keep referring back to this link online rather than downloading it straight away.