COVID-19 Shooting Guidelines Assessment Test

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, on May 27, 2020

We have devised an online Covid-19 Guidelines Assessment test for all members and anyone who wants to take it.  Passing the test requires the person taking it to read and comprehend how to implement the APA COVID-19 Shooting Guidelines V.1.6

A person who passes the Guidelines Assessment Test can be considered for the role of COVID Supervisor, as set out in the Guidelines, provided you the producer are satisfied they have sufficient production experience for the scale of the shoot you are undertaking. The test of comprehension of the Guidelines and how to implement them does not qualify a person to be a COVID Supervisor automatically- they must have suitable production experience too. Doing a COVID health and safety course such as those offered by First Option is also useful but not compulsory to the role of COVID Supervisor.

The COVID Supervisor is the person who deals with the mechanics of complying with the Guidelines as set out in Appendix 2 of the Guidelines.

To recap, the Guidelines recommend that you have a Health and Safety Officer on the recce to carry out the Health and Safety assessment and make recommendations as to the management of Coronavirus risks.

You can have a Health and Safety Officer on the shoot too but the Guidelines do not require you to because their expertise is best utilised in carrying out the risk assessment on the recce and they may not carry out all the practical tasks required as per Appendix 2 of the Guidelines.

So we recommend a Covid Supervisor to perform those tasks.

You may wish to do this Guideline test yourself too or ask employees or other people you work with to do it, to ensure that you and they understand the Guidelines (i.e. it is useful to do for that reason, even for people who do  not plan to be Covid Supervisors).

We have decided to make the test free to reflect the current market and assist the purpose of the Guidelines by enabling as many people as possible to take the test.

The test can be taken at any time, however once started it must be completed within 30 minutes.

This test is based upon the latest V.1.6 of the Shooting Guidelines. Please click below to access the test.

COVID-19 Shooting Guidelines Assessment link