Working at Home Insurance Considerations

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, on March 10, 2020

These are some property insurance and cyber security insurance issues that are relevant to every APA member during this period of working at home because of Coronavirus.

This advice was provided for APA by Tyers – formerly Stonehouse Integro, insurance brokers:


  • Please ensure you check your policy schedule to see what the limits are for computers, laptops and equipment being taken away from the premises and whether they are covered on a ‘Worldwide’ basis. If in any doubt, refer to your broker for advice on whether the limits or geographical limits need amending.
  • We recommend that you should (re)issue your guidance to employees for security and safety of equipment whilst at their homes and away from the premises.
  • Laptops and smaller items should be locked away if possible at the end of each day or at least stored out of sight. For the more bulky items in homes i.e. edit suites, try to ensure that they are out of view of the windows.
  • When homes are empty ensure that all windows are shut and that any additional security measures are set, for instance double locks on doors or security alarm systems.
  • Please advise your broker of any particularly high value items such as edit suites or cameras e.g items over £5,000 as it may be necessary for insurers to specifically note them and additional security may be required at the employee’s home.
  • Where office premises are vacated please ensure you check whether your policy contains an ‘Unoccupancy Clause’ and discuss with your broker accordingly.


  • Consider whether employees can still back-up work whilst at home. If employees are not connected to their usual server then it would be prudent to consider what additional measures need to be put in place.
  • Please consider any additional Cyber Security Risk that may arise via employees accessing systems through their own secure networks.
  • We recommend that all remote computers and laptops are password protected and that all key files are backed up to your encrypted central file server.