Calling for Agencies to Pay on Time

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, on March 24, 2020

As member companies face an unknown period of little or no income, it is vital that money owed to you by agencies is paid when due.

Some of those payments will be for postponement or cancellation costs, and some for productions completed before production (effectively) came to a halt.

It is critical that you receive them in time because, as ever, you are paying crew within seven days (because they are individuals relying on that payment), and to meet your own overhead.

We raised the issue on a conference call this morning with the Advertising Association, the client body ISBA, and the IPA.

We have already been discussing the issue with the IPA and they are sympathetic. 

If you have payments from agencies that are overdue, please get in touch and we can discuss them with the IPA and try and hasten payment.

APA and AICP action on the issue was announced by LBB here