APA Council 2020

Posted in News, tagged with The APA Council, on March 2, 2020

Thank you to all of you who stood and all of you who voted in the APA Council election, as a result of which the following people will be joining Steve Davies and the APA Chairmen, John Hackney and Lewis More O’Ferrall on the APA Council:

Andrew Levene – Stink Films
Caspar Delaney – RSA
James Sorton – Pulse
James Tomkinson – Nexus
Jani Guest – Independent
Jenny Beckett –
Jo Coombes – LS Productions & AdGreen
John Murrell – Finger Music
Johnnie Frankel – Rattling Stick
Julian Marshall – Tenthree
Kate Taylor – Rogue
Lee Pavey – Electric Theatre Collective
Richard Packer – Outsider
Rupert Reynolds-MacLean –
Seth Wilson – Somesuch
Simon Cooper –
Sorcha Shepherd – Caviar
Spencer Dodd – Merman
Tim Katz – Knucklehead
Tor Adams – The Quarry