Direct to Client talk – Follow Up

Posted in Events, News, on December 6, 2019

We had a great turnout at the Regents Street Cinema yesterday, for our second Direct to Client talk – ‘Make Working Direct to Client a Reality.’

Yesterday’s session showed us that when working direct to client, production companies need to show a genuine interest in the client’s business strategy, carrying out thorough research into their target markets. Most importantly the production company needs to be sure in knowing their worth, not just relying on the 20% markup as profit, but by figuring out how to put a price and value on their creative ideas and briefs. 

We heard from Gareth Dixon; founding partner at Rainmaker Consulting, who shared his insights into working with brands and what research is needed to kick-start those initial relationships, so the brands themselves know you are taking a genuine interest in their business needs and that they can learn your way of thinking beyond the common showreels. 

Aaron Hutchinson the Managing Director from Across the Pond, shared his company’s way of operating. They make sure that they are working with the right clients, figuring out from initial conversations what that business actually needs and if there is more scope to deliver beyond the initial campaign. Deciding when not to pitch is also important; taking a stand to not give away all of your creative ideas through endless pitches and actually start to put a value on your creative briefs, resulting in creating additional profit, other than the markup.

Shelby, the Managing Director from Peach, explained to us that Peach can support production companies when working direct by offering a wide set of admin support that is now needed from licenses, clearances, through to assisting on the various different channeling formats needed across multiple countries. Peach is there to offer production companies support with a strong skill set that they wouldn’t necessarily have in-house, but what production companies now need to work direct to client.

Ian Armstrong, former Global Marketing director of Honda and Jaguar Land Rover, gave us a great insight into what the client actually needs and what they are looking for when working direct. He emphasised the client’s need for the production company to understand their strategy, the product, the idea. They want to know the production company has an emotional intelligence to work collaboratively with the rest of the client’s team and a desire to make the campaign and client’s business as successful as it can be. 

We will be continuing to support our members by sharing key insights and knowledge on how to successfully work direct to client, offering more useful talks and training in the coming new year.