APA Creative Tech Demo Day: Skills of the Future – follow up

Posted in News, on October 23, 2019

Yesterday we hosted our first Immersive showcase ‘Creative tech demo day- skills of the future’ at Imagination and it was a great success. 

The demo day was a chance for the industry to learn first-hand what our leading immersive companies – Framestore, GCRS, Imagination, make me pulse, Passion Pictures, Presence, Nexus, The Mill & Superpersonal (presented by Nomint)- have to offer advertisers and the new and interesting developments that are currently taking place within creative technology. 

Through fantastic demos, companies were able to learn how to incorporate new tech within their creative work and how to position themselves at the forefront of creative advertising. 

We successfully brought together over 250 potential clients from traditional agencies such as AMV, Grey, Publicis UK, creative agencies – Atomic London, Ryot Studio, Eight & Four, digital & brand experience companies – Wunderman Thomson, Hammerhead Vr, Sarner, right through to Channel 4 and Snapchat.

We hope that our demo day has not only created working opportunities for our APA Immersive members but also long lasting partnerships, which will result in the creation of innovative and industry leading campaigns.