All you need to know about Job Sharing

Posted in Events, tagged with Events, Good Karma, on April 26, 2019

Whether you are thinking about the possibility of job sharing, wish to understand if there are opportunities to do so and how it might work, or you are an employer who might engage job sharers – for example to make yourself attractive to a bigger talent pool, this is an opportunity to learn together.


2pm – Introduction to the issue and what the meeting will cover

Marie Owen, CEO and Founder, LS Productions
Will explain how LS Productions have made job sharing work and benefited from it- from the perspective of an employer.

We have embraced job sharing and made it work
What are the advantages of offering job shares? How have we made it work in practice? What about the obstacles that have to be overcome?

Polly Lowles, Producer AMVBBDO
How Polly has made job sharing work- the perspective of an employee who is job sharing. What are the advantages and obstacles and how have you addressed them.

Questions and answers
There will be an opportunity to ask questions and share knowledge.

3pm – Event ends

Please email [email protected] to indicate whether you plan to come – so we have an idea about numbers.