Please help the APA to help the young homeless

Posted in News, on March 8, 2019

Dear APA members,

I’m Co-Chairman of the APA because I love both our business and the people in it. I’ll love it even more if we raise the cash described below –  and I might even personally buy the donors a drink! I’m serious.

The APA’s first ever charity sponsorship is End Youth Homelessness (EYH) and we urgently need donations.

The current number of young homeless people (16-24 year olds) now exceeds the population of Bath. These kids are most often the victims of family break ups and abuse. With early intervention, they are saveable and EYH has an abundance of success stories. However, there are thousands more young people to save.

Our objective is to raise the profile of EYH in order that they can raise the big bucks.

We chose not to adopt film as a means of communication and then pray for a budget that might fund a national media campaign. Instead, underpinned by a great strategy, and a great idea, we have created a national event in the form of an EYH roadshow that will tour major cities of the UK featuring arresting work challenging our perception of homelessness.

And here’s the problem. The tour involves unavoidable hard costs and we urgently need £18,000 to fund it. So if you would like to make a donation then please click below for our Just Giving page and share it across your company’s social platforms, along with ‘#NowYouSeeMe’ to spread the word.

Thank you!

John Hackney & the APA