Look at our schedule for Tokyo – there’s still time to join!

Posted in Events, tagged with International Markets, on February 14, 2019

We now have the complete schedule for the Tokyo London Advertising Forum 2019, see below.

It’s a full programme, starting at lunchtime on Monday 11th March (allowing you time to arrive in Tokyo that morning, though most people will be there the day before), through to lunchtime on Thursday 14th (giving you time for your own follow up meetings).

Most importantly, we have meetings organised with all our targets – visiting the top agencies there – Dentsu, Hakuhodo and ADK, the Olympic and Rugby organisers, leading production companies, a leading client, Shieshedo and Google – a whirlwind of learning about and connections with Japanese advertising.

That guarantees maximum value for all of our delegates.

It isn’t too late to join, so get in touch in if you would like to come.