All you need to know about the APA’s Tokyo London Advertising Forum 2019

Posted in Events, tagged with International Markets, on January 14, 2019

A great turnout and enthusiasm at our meeting last week for companies interested in being part of our event in Japan, promoting the APA membership to agencies, advertisers and production companies there.

Here are the details to date:

Dates of the trip: 11th – 14th March 2019

  • Japan is the third largest advertising market in the world.
  • The top 10 advertising agencies account for almost half of total revenue of all advertising agencies.
  • Spending on online content advertising amounted to over $1billion (2018).
  • Japan will continue to be the third biggest market in terms of Adspend     heading into 2020, predicted to have reached $45billion.
  • This is comparative to the UK’s predicted $27billion by 2020.

Our plan is to give you as much information about the market, as much promotion in the market and the chance to meet as many people in Japanese advertising as possible in the Monday to Thursday of the week of 11th March.

(please be aware that this schedule is likely to move around slightly)

Meeting with Hakuhodo(second biggest Japanese agency)
There will be a 1 hour presentation from the agency to us, and then vice versa.
From previous international delegate trips, working on a theme that can be used through out the presentation works best, rather than a mass of companies showing individual work.
As the group for the trip begins to solidify, we can start meeting and discussing what these themes could be.

Embassy Reception
Held at the Minister’s House. An opportunity to meet with senior agency people.
This will be an invite only event, with invites needing to come from the APA.

Meeting with Dentsu (Japan’s biggest agency)
Same set-up as the Hakuhodo meeting.

Visit to the Advertising Museum Tokyo
Situated in the same building as Dentsu and funded by them.


Visit to AOI

Largest production co, also operates as a TV department, sourcing overseas production companies.
In addition to nearly 1,000 film commercial related productions every year, they have also been working on feature films and dramas in recent years, including Oscar nominated and Palme d’Or winning ‘Shoplifters’.



Meeting with ADK (third largest agency)


Tokyo – London Advertising Forum Official Event
Hosted at Eurolive, starting at 5pm to encourage as many Japanese guests as possible to attend (unlikely to take time out of the work day).
Invitation to all production companies and agencies.
Panel discussions and talks from both markets on the industry.
Delegates are welcome to invite their contacts personally.



Further meeting in morning.


We are looking to have the full group booked into the same hotel, on a group rate, more information on that to follow.

We will arrange for a coach to travel delegates to and from meetings. There are currently deals with KLM airlines, flying from Amsterdam.

Delegates pay their flights and accommodation and a contribution to the costs of the whole event of £700 per delegate.

There will be further updates and meetings but please ask us any questions in the meantime.