Tokyo London Advertising Forum Announced

Posted in Events, tagged with International Markets, on December 10, 2018

We are organising the Tokyo London Advertising Forum 2019 in Japan, (11th-14th March) and we would like you to be part of it.

APA members are interested in new sources of work, and every overseas market we’ve visited has been very interested in your craft, so our task is to bring the two together.

TLAF 2019 will begin on Monday 11th March 2019, with a meeting and presentation at Hakuhodo, the Japanese agency ranked second in market share, then a reception for APA members and senior representatives of the Japanese advertising industry in the evening.

Presentations at Dentsu and ADK will take place the following day (the Japanese agencies ranked one and three for market share). We have then hired a venue for Wed 13th to have presentations from and to other agencies, followed by further meetings on Thursday 14th.

Why Japan, why now?

Tokyo was the first place we did an APA event in 2004- followed by Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai and Silicon Valley.

With Japan hosting the Rugby World Cup in September next year and the Olympics in 2020, we think it’s the right time to go back and try and build our market share there.

So all you need to do to join up is to commit to come, tell us if you want to be part of the presentations and be there for those four days, secure in the knowledge that your understanding and connections with Japanese agencies – and production companies who also act as agency TV depts in some instances – will be greatly enhanced.

You don’t have to commit yet though. No doubt you will have many questions and we will invite you to a meeting early in the New Year, where we can answer them.