The Winners | The APA Show 2018

Posted in Events, tagged with APA Show, Awards, on September 10, 2018

Click HERE to see which ads made it into the Collection for 2018. 

The winners of the APA Show 2018 are now all up on our website. Simply go to Events / APA Show / The Winners 2018 to see the full list and credits of everyone who made it into this year’s Collection.

The winners of the APA Collection 2018 reflect the theme of this year’s Show; #ColourOutOfDarkness. Despite all the challenges our industry has faced this year, work is still being created to be proud of.

Once again, the winners showcased don’t just show excellence in one particular category, but an overall impressiveness that judges have deemed makes it one of the best pieces of commercial work created this year.

Aside from the Show screening, we also aim to offer our guests a party they won’t forget soon!

Huge thanks to the team who helped us make this year’s show such a resounding success!