APA Partners with End Youth Homelessness

Posted in Events, News, on May 3, 2018

If you attended this morning’s membership meeting at the Courthouse Hotel you will have heard Steve talking about our new partnership with the UK charity End Youth Homelessness.

As the APA’s official charity, we are keen for members to be as involved as they can be, in helping us spread the organisation’s visibility and message.

Keep reading for more information and the steps to take to get involved…

The Charity

End Youth Homelessness is a UK-wide network of local charities that have joined forces to tackle the issue of youth homelessness,and provide a national platform to raises awareness, share experiences and generate voluntary income.

Funds raised help their members to increase capacity, services and sustainability in extremely challenging times, with the charities helping to house and support over 26,000 young people facing homelessness each year.

Why Youth Homelessness?

Before EYH was established, there was no UK-wide organisation focused on helping homeless young people.

The public see youth homelessness and adult homelessness as one and the same when they’re not. Young people haven’t had time for the issues characterised by homelessness – addiction, poor mental health, gaps in education, no employment experience – to become entrenched, so they still retain the potential to move forward and lead successful lives as adults.

We Need You…

The APA have taken the step to make EYH our official charity, and will be working in partnership with them to raise awareness of youth homelessness.

We want APA members to be involved in upcoming projects which will focus on how we can promote their message.

Appreciating that people are busy and some of you have your own charities that you focus your support on, we’re asking for those who feel a particular draw to this issue to email Becca to mark your interest.

We will organise a committee to meet every few months and discuss how we can utilise our creativity and connections to help make a difference.