We support BAD! – Helping diverse talent enter the commercials production industry

Posted in Events, News, tagged with Diversity & Inclusion, on April 25, 2018

Along with our membership, we support and create initiatives that enable diverse new talent to get an opportunity in commercials production.

Progress is being made, through many avenues and we support all those that are practical – meaning they work, for both the candidates and APA members.

This week, the British Arrows have launched BAD (British Arrows… creating a Doorway) to help diverse new talent get a start in our business.

And it is brilliant. Please take five minutes to EXPLORE THE SITE. It’s learn section breaks down all the different roles in production, so young people who think they might be interested in working in it can see what is involved in each role – in agencies, production, post & audio. They feature people in those roles explaining what they do in a short video.

There is a Myth Busters tab, with short films that address the most frequent reasons that people without existing connections to advertising are most likely to be deterred from trying to work in it.

It enables young people to upload their CV to the site and for hiring new talent, based on those CV’s.

So if you are looking to hire diverse talent, it is now easy to find it.

Plus there are success stories to read, like Dahlia, now working at Academy.

We will update you over the coming months and do everything we can to support this great initiative.