IDEAS 2018 Award Categories are Announced!

Posted in Events, News, tagged with Events, on January 25, 2018

The IDEAS Awards are back for 2018 and we can now reveal this year’s award categories.
This year the awards are about encompassing all-new and innovative work and to help do that we introduced two new awards categories including ‘The Big IDEA’, which will be open to all entrants and give the judges free-reign on choosing a winner based purely on the overall creativity of the idea itself.


Best Augmented Reality Experience via Mobile Device (Phone/Tablet)

This award recognises the most creative and effective use of Augmented Reality in a campaign or branded platform, delivered via mobile device as the primary means of customer engagement. This category will not only be judged on the visual quality of the experience but also its effectiveness in generating results and customer engagement.


Best Branded Experience Using Augmented, Virtual or Mixed Reality via Headset/Wearable

This award is for projects that have paired creativity with immersive technology, generating immersive content within a branded experience that utilises augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality as the main medium and means of user engagement. This includes content that is shot in 360 live action, pre-rendered or generated in real-time, and focuses on immersive experiences that have been designed to be experienced primarily by users wearing a headset or other wearable tech. This category will not only be judged on the visual quality of the experience but also its effectiveness in utilising immersive experiences specifically to deliver a brand message or campaign engagement.


Best Use of 360° Video

This category is specifically for non-interactive 360° video content (live action or CG), with the same video output viewable passively via a headset or 360 viewer online. This is distinct from the VR/AR/MR delivered via headsets in attempting to recognise non-interactive 360° video as a new story-telling medium and film format.


Best Music/Sound Design In An Interactive Experience

This category recognises craft in sound design applied to the full range of digital, interactive and immersive projects, from interactive story-telling and experiential installations, to apps, games or VR/360 content. Entrants should consider on the ways that music or sound design have helped to engage users in the project and to enhance their experience of it.


Best Mobile App

This category recognises apps built for mobile or tablets that are central to the success of a campaign, either as a component of an integrated campaign or as a standalone product. The app must demonstrate creativity, technical ingenuity, intuitive design and functionality, user interaction, and be in line with a campaign’s overarching idea and brand promise. This award also recognises apps that are built to be a mobile version of desktop and browser-based websites.


Best Experiential Campaign/Branded Installation

This category is for branded experiences/installations that make use of technology in an innovative way to create memorable and impactful experiences for customers. This can be an event/series of events, a pop-up, a PR stunt or an interactive OOH execution, but particularly looks for branded experiences that makes use of technology in an innovative way to enhance impact, engage users, and create more fans for the brand.


Best Website

This category is for branded websites and online experiences, recognising that in an advertising world increasingly dominated by integrated campaigns, interaction and personalised brand experiences, there remains a place for elegant design, user experience and clear brand messaging delivered via websites, whether optimised for desktop or mobile browser.


The Big IDEA

All entries are included for consideration in this category, with judges able to look at the project more broadly and consider the purity and creativity of the idea overall.


Also for the first time, we will be hosting interactive judging, allowing our judges to experience entries closer to how they are designed to be viewed and interacted with.
If you are unable to provide your project for demo on the 21st and 22nd of February, you will still be able to enter your case study online, but please be aware this may affect the impact the work has on the judges and thus how they score it.