The New APA Council

Posted in Events, News, tagged with The APA Council, on October 23, 2017

Thank you to all of you who stood for election and to all of you who voted in the APA Council elections.

This is the new APA Council:

Toby Abbott – Cut and Run
Tor Adams – The Quarry
James Bland – Blink
Mark Benson – MPC
Simon Cooper – Academy
Sean Costelloe – The Mill
Steve Davies – APA
Caspar Delaney – RSA
Spencer Dodd – The Sweet Shop
Jani Guest – Independent
John Hackney – APA
Helen Hadfield – Bare
Tim Katz – Knucklehead
Katie Keith – Rattling Stick
Andrew Levene – Stink
Lewis More O’Ferrall – APA
Richard Packer – Outsider
Helen Stanley – Framestore
Kath Sawszak-Pierce – Marshall Street Editors
Sorcha Sheperd – Caviar
James Sorton – Pulse
Kate Taylor  – Skunk
Anna Smith Tenser – Iconoclast
James Tomkinson – Nexus
Orlando Wood – Rogue

We all look forward to working together to advance the interest of all APA members – in pursuance of the APA’s objective – to create the best possible business environment for our members.