A Guide to the Auto-Enrolment Pensions Scheme

Posted in Events, News, on July 12, 2016

Under the Pensions Act 2008, the laws surrounding workplace pensions has changed. Employers in the UK must put certain staff into a pension scheme and contribute towards it

Each business has its own staging date i.e. date by which it must comply with the new regs. Some of you have already have that and have compliance in hand, many of you have not had your staging date
We looked at introducing an advisor to you, to set the pension scheme up for your business. Jelf offer clear advice at a reasonable fixed cost based on the level of service you require

We investigated the possibility of having one pension for everyone registered to a pension scheme run by an APA member co, so employees who moved around during their career might have one pension, rather than many small ones. That could happen if each company decided, in consultation with its staff, to use the default pension scheme called NEST but it might not suit every company to do that.

To help APA members through the process, the Jelf Group have 2 streamlined options to make this as easy as possible. All info here:

Following the seminar on 28th June, Jelf have also provided answers to some of the questions posed by members in regards to freelance employees and posteponement. The answers are below:


We hope you will find these options useful:

>> download Guide To Nest’s Employer Notices <<

>> download The Pensions Regulator resource-info-to-workers <<