Report from the The Diversity Panel at Ciclope Festival in Berlin

Posted in Events, News, tagged with Diversity & Inclusion, International Markets, on November 9, 2015

The Diversity Panel at Ciclope Festival in Berlin with:

Sally Campbell | Founding Partner, Somesuch, United Kingdom
Kerstin Emhoff | Co-Founder / EP, Prettybird, USA
Janette De Villiers | EP, Ground Glass, South Africa
Preethi Mariappan | ECD, Razorfish, Germany
Steve Davies | CE, APA, United Kingdom

The panel took us on to the next stage- tackling diversity in practice- from the foundation of the APA’s Diversity Forum in Cannes, by getting an international perspective and looking at attempts to address the issue around the world. Janette introduced us to the South African point of view and the positive discrimination legislation in place agains the interesting background of how the country has moved on from apartheid; Kerstin enlighten us about the work of the LA based project Streetlights; assisting talented and motivated young adult minorities, many economically and socially disadvantaged, to break through into the industry; Sally and Steve have spoken about the practical steps they are taking to tackle the issue in the UK and Preethi shared her story and experience as an Indian woman working as Executive Creative Director in Germany. A video of the event will be available on the Ciclope site shortly

If you wish to learn more about the Streetlights activities, please check out their page