Advertisers need us, rather than data – FT

Posted in Events, News, on November 9, 2015

This excellent article from Saturday’s Financial Times magazine reflects on how advertising is beginning to reflect on the limitations of data and analytics and to conclude it needs commercials that connect with people

That embracing digital and measurement has caused the industry to lose sight of what made it valuable in the first place

Online appeared to solve the advertising wastage problem by enabling advertisers to target their ads and social media enabled brands to engage with consumers

In 2010 Pepsi ditched TV advertising for social media, which earned it over one million Facebook likes but lost it a calamitous 5% market share

Lessons learned now include that brands don’t grow on the back of loyal customers but on light users- so targeting existing users is the opposite of what a brand should do

Plus engagement is pointless because it doesn’t get to light users and, in the words of Diageo, people don’t want to engage with brands because “they don’t care about them”

Add this to concerns as to fraudulent data for online, with many page impressions being made by robots, and Ad blocking and the fact that TV advertising is at a record high, advertisers should be seeing the expertise that APA members offer as absolutely critical to their business success.

Read the article HERE.