APA/IPA Interactive contract launched

Posted in Events, News, tagged with Seminars, on October 7, 2015

We launched the new APA/IPA Interactive production contract today at the Courthouse Hotel, London (Please see contract HERE) It is an important step for APA and IPA members creating interactive content, aiming to do for interactive content what the Part 1 (PIBS) and Part 2 does for TV production- create a foundation on which production companies and agencies can get on with making the best commercial possible, rather than being mired in negotiating contract terms

When should you use it?

Any film production- whether for TV, the internet or whatever, can and should be contracted on Part 1 (PIBS) and Part 2- the interactive contract is for other types of work: web builds and experiential projects being the main ones

Typically, the companies creating interactive content may be building a website for, say, a car launch and creating films that populate that website too

The purpose of the Interactive Framework, which we published, with the IPA, last year (Please see HERE) is to help the parties agree and define the scope of work, how changes will be managed etc, to meet the way interactive productions need to be managed that are different to TV/film production- the difficulties of exploring feasibility against budget, identifying what work is being undertaken and allowing and enabling the client, through the agency, to add to what they require as the project progress but within a framework ensures the scope of work and thus budget are still controllable

As per the Framework document, a first 50% payment is the recommended course on interactive projects, as commercials

The contract also deals with issues such as ownership of underlying technology, in a way in which the IPA and ourselves regard as a fair balance of production company and agency interests

If you have any questions about these documents and when you should use them or help in applying them to an interactive project in practice, please get in touch.

Pictured above, left to right

Lins Karnes | Managing Director & Executive Producer, Digital, B-Reel

Valentina Culatti, Managing Director, Unit 9

Steve Davies, Chief Executive APA

James Britton, Managing Partner, Stink Digital

James Britton said “Interactive producers have put a lot of thought and work into the Interactive Framework and now the Interactive Contract and i am confident we have created a good basis for contracting that will allow interactive production to grow”

Valentina Culatti said “It has been hard work for all the professionals involved and we are glad we got to this result as a team. This meeting is important in giving the whole industry an understanding of how we created these documents and how and when to use them.”

Lins Karnes said “I am delighted that, with the IPA and the key agencies involved there, we have been able to create a document which is a solid foundation for interactive productions and will help to keep UK interactive production companies and agencies at the forefront of interactive work.”