South Africa Relaxes Immigration Requirements For Advertising Production Sector

Posted in Events, News, on December 15, 2014

Through the efforts of the South African Commercial Producers Association, the complications with South African visas for productions which the South African Government introduced have now been resolved- and just in time for their busy season for productions from the UK

For all production company, agency and client personnel from the UK (and other countries including the US and Germany) there is now no need to get a visa in advance (there is now a form to be completed on entry and a visa is granted at the airport in South Africa).

For what the SA regulations term Specialists, working on the set, Directors, DPs, ADs, technicians, actors and models, they still need authorisation from their nearest South African Embassy in their own country but the requirements and procedures have been standardised and made simpler and will receive priority status with a maximum turnaround of 5 working days for processing.

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