Interactive Framework Document

Posted in Events, News, tagged with Events, Seminars, on January 13, 2014

At 9am on 21st January the APA and IPA launch their Interactive Framework document.

It has been developed by the APA and IPA to provide a structure of interactive production- defined as (typically) websites, tablet and mobile experiences which prompt interaction and are advertising related- in the same way that we have a structure for commercials, though the long established APA/IPA/ISBA contract.

The Framework will help the agency and production company align their expectations of what is being produced and help both in managing the project and, in particular, in reducing/avoiding scope creep.

The detail of the document has been developed by IPA agencies working in interactive and interactive production companies, using their knowledge and experience of interactive production.

Should you come? Yes, if your company undertakes interactive production.

Space is limited and you need to rsvp please to obtain a place.

Details on the invitation, please click HERE.