Overseas Sales Mission – A Consultation Of APA Members

Posted in Events, News, tagged with Events, International Markets, on June 27, 2013

Our overseas marketing is based upon screenings of the APA Collection in advertising events around the world, the Beak Street Bugle, which aims to reach creatives worldwide, and events in new markets/markets with untapped potential.

That has now taken in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai and Silicon Valley and the events have achieved our objectives for them whether they are selling or, as per the Silicon Valley event, provided learning and connections. In terms of selling, the Shanghai event was the most successful, with the APA delegates to Shanghai generating productions with a turnover of over £30 million in the 15 months after the Shanghai London Advertising Forum. This year’s event, Creative London Comes To Silicon Valley saw 27 APA members meeting with You Tube/Google, Twitter, Netflix etc.

We have enjoyed support for the events from UK Trade and Industry, the part of the Government relevant to promoting APA members, providing embassy receptions, logistical assistance and some funding.

We are carrying out a consultation of APA members to see which market they would find it most useful for us to focus on next.