APA | Cannes Fringe Programme 2013

Posted in Events, News, tagged with Cannes, Events, International Markets, Seminars, on May 31, 2013

The APA Cannes Fringe programme is out now to brighten up this gloomy Friday. It includes the three events that we organise – all free for members and providing opportunities to meet, network, see new work (the Young Director Award), understand worldwide production trends (the World Producers Summit) and enjoy Cannes (our drinks reception with The Location Guide), amongst other key events (see below & higher res HERE).

Many of the events require an invitation but the Young Directors Award is in the Marriott Hotel and is free to all, with no invitation required. Returning to the regular venue for the YDA, we hope that will see the venue full to its 900 capacity, for the biggest Cannes event outside the official festival.