Creative London Comes To Silicon Valley 2013

Posted in Events, News, tagged with International Markets, on March 9, 2013

Creative London comes to Silicon Valley enabled APA members to get real insights of where the future of advertising lies and how they can ensure they are part of it.

Our 35 strong delegation from London was immersed in Silicon Valley insights and culture in a whirlwind week of meetings with companies at the forefront of future thinking: Woven Media, Siggraph/Lucas Film, Radium One, Twitter, Heat, Tout, AT&T Foundry, You Tube/Google, BBDO, Tout, Orange Brand Lab, Blinx and Netflix.

Having invested a lot of research, with UKTI, into which companies would be the most interesting for our delegates, we were invited to receive a warm welcome at each of them, with senior personel presenting and engaging with our delegates and being prepared to answer our delegates questions very openly, in terms of their view of the future of advertising and their companies offering within it, and how delegates might engage with that. The companies we visited very much welcomed the opportunity to engage with companies representing the highest quality content production, in a future in which they see the value of that expertise.

Among the trends the companies we met with identified were:

– The internet moving from being a banner ad medium to being a video medium.

– The internet generally becoming a mobile medium.

– Within that the viewing of video rapidly moving from computers to mobile (You Tube/Google reported that 10% of video is viewed on mobile today and that that figure would rise to 70% by 2016).

– Social taking over from search in terms of engagement of consumers.

– Real time animation becoming readily and cost effectively available for advertising.

– A move away from research to making more content and monitoring its effectiveness by the minute, rather than having to wait two or three months to start to analyse a campaign’s impact, enabling brands to push and or expand content that is working and stop using content that is not.

– Big Data and its value in targeting growing as better data and targeting enable advertisers to place their advertising very precisely at their target consumer.

All these points and the research on advertising and markets that the companies we met with shared with us will be published in a report for APA members on Creative London comes to Silicon Valley.

Thank you to all our delegates and all the companies we met with and to UKTI for making the event such a success and ensuring that we all learnt as much as possible and had the opportunity to start to build valuable networks with Silicon Valley.

>> click for detailed Silicon Valley report PDF <<