The Advertising Producers Association is the trade body for production companies, post production and VFX and editing companies making commercials. Our objective is to create the best possible business environment for our members to operate in.

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BBC to commission APA members for its commercials

The BBC have announced that they will not renew their contract with Red Bee for the production of their commercials and idents, when their contract expires next year.

The BBC endorse our view that APA members and the breadth of talent they represent, competing in the open market, will help the BBC create the best quality and value advertising.

With the quality of expertise available to advertisers and the intense level of competition, procurement systems and preferred suppliers can not offer better value than the market.

We look forward to fostering a great new relationship between the BBC and APA members and seeing great commercials on the BBC.


London screening of the winners of Young Directors Award 2014

We are pleased to invite you to the London screening of the winners of CFPE & Shots Young Directors Award 2014 which was held in June in Cannes. The event will be hosted by the APA with Rushes on the 24th July from 1830 at Rushes Roof Deck, 66 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4UH (please see invite below).

We organise the YDA in Cannes with Shots and other European producers associations, as Commercial Film Producers Europe. APA members always do well and this year was extremely successful for UK based production companies and their young directors; Nexus, Park Village/Able&Baker, Pretty Bird, RSA, Blinkink, Offkey Creatives, Rattling Stick and Academy Films - they all received awards and recognitions in various categories. We are hoping to be accompanied by the awarded directors too to join to celebrate the success and watch their work amongst other films awarded this year and to show the whole of the sixteen minute film JONAH that won the special jury prize, among other things, from Kibwe Tavares at Nexus and the nine minute film on Chicago gangsters CHI RAQ from Will Robson-Scott (now represented by HLA).

It is a good opportunity to enjoy interesting new work and, if you were not able to attend the screening in Cannes, get a sense of an event that has provided a great platform for new talent at APA members for the past 14 years- and continuous to do so.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP here by the 21st July 2014.


The APA Show - Submissions Closed

The APA Show & Collection submissions have now closed! With a record number of entries and the inclusion of some absolutely fantastic work from APA members, this year's Show promises to be one of the best yet.


The Judging process will now start to decide on the Final 50 to be shown in the glamorous surroundings of the Natural History Museum on the 4th September.



The Final Extended Deadline has been released for the APA Show!

Entries will now be accepted until the 7th July and can be submitted by visiting

Eligibility will be an commercial or viral airing between the 1st June 2013 and the 31st May 2014 - entries will cost £95 + VAT.


The Lion Kings

Beak Street Bugle - The Pride of Britain

The story of the extraordinary success of London production companies in the Grand Prix at Cannes for the top commercial of the year worldwide is told in The Beak Street Bugle.

The success of Outsider this year, meant that the Grand Prix has come to London seven times in ten years, from 37,000 Cannes entries (not all film but it shows the level of competition) and against a background of stronger competition from around the world- making this London success even more amazing.

Alex Reeves interviews the producers of some of the APA members who have produced the Grand Prix commercials, to get their insight into that success into why the UK is such a success in creating great commercials.


The Judges 2014

The APA are proud to announce the Judges for the APA Show and Collection 2014.


An excellent Cannes for APA members

No, we are not just referring to the energy APA members put into partying and networking on the French Rivera but the haul of prizes at Cannes Lions.

Special congratulations to Outsider and James Rouse, for their Grand Prix winning commercial for Harvey Nichols and Adam&EveDDB. Remarkably, that is the seventh time in ten years that an APA member has won the Grand Prix- the award for the best commercial of the year anywhere in the world.

Congratulations to on Cannes Lions Golds for Outsider for Marmite and in Film Craft to Gorgeous, Blink and Stink and to the post, editing and music and sound design companies that worked on those too; MPC, Framestore, Work Post, The Mill, Final Cut, Wave Studios and Trim.

There was considerable success in winning Silver and Bronze Lions too and you can see the whole list here

Our CFPE Young Directors Award delivered great success for APA members again too- in fact winning a greater share of the prizes on offer than ever.

The Special Jury Award and the Audience Award both went to Kibwe Tavares from Nexus for his short film Johah.

You can see the list of YDA winners here.