The Advertising Producers Association is the trade body for production companies, post production and VFX and editing companies making commercials. Our objective is to create the best possible business environment for our members to operate in.

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Wall Street Journal Report | Agencies Investigated By Justice Department

As you can see from The Wall Street Journal Report above, the US Justice Department are investigating advertising agencies as to whether the bidding process for production and post production is rigged. The concern of the Justice Department is that agencies are soliciting higher bids from independent production companies and post production companies, to justifying awarding work to their in house units.

As you know, we have advocated not bidding against in house production and post production- and asking up front if in house is bidding. Some agencies in the UK are clear that they won’t ask independent production and post production companies to bid against them because they consider such practices unfair. Some do seek bids from independent production and post production companies though.

The bid from an independent company wastes that company's time and resources and gives credibility to the in house bid and price. An inflated bid does not have to be sought- it could be more subtle than that, with the independent company simply given less information as to the client’s budget, so it naturally comes in at a higher price than the in house bid or the in house bid can be changed in the light of the independent bids.

Ultimately, it is up to clients how they spend their money but the message we take to them is that if they are advised by their agency to use their in house production company or other facilities, they should question why that will be better for them than accessing the hugely competitive open market, generating great competition on expertise and price- which in our view will always deliver the best value because that is how a competitive market operates.


APA Christmas Party | Photos online!

Last night over 400 people joined us on the roof of The ACE Hotel to kick start the festive season at our Christmas Party! Thanks to all those who came and to Clara & the team at The Location Guide for all their help.

Photos are now online HERE.




The APA at FOCUS | 6th & 7th Dec, Business Design Centre Islington

FOCUS is returning on 6th/7th Dec at the Business Design Centre in Islington. This year, with an all new format including 30+ FREE sessions, workshops and discussions from over 90 contributors, there are lots of reasons to register and get inspired.



AdGreen's relatively young movement will be in the spotlight along with similar initiatives in related sectors: BAFTA's Albert and Greenshoot. They'll also be joined by Amy Lemisch, the Executive Director of the California Film Commission, and moderated by Dr Laurence Sargent of Sargent-Disc, which has recently launched its digital production office tools, enabling more people to work paperlessly on their production.
Those participating in the session are looking at how to collaborate on a cross-industry policy, and adopt a joined-up approach to sustainability within production, both behind the scenes and encouraging green behaviour on-screen.



The Christmas commercial has become more creative and ambitious. Every year the stakes get higher. Getting it right has become the holy grail of British advertising and getting it wrong can be a disaster. In this session a panel, led by Editor of The Beak Street Bugle Alex Reeves, will discuss the dos and don’ts of the Christmas commercial.


James Rouse – Director, Outsider

James Studholme – Managing Director, Blink

Panos Louca – Producer, adam&eveDDB

Chaka Sobhani – CCO, Leo Burnett



The APA & David Reviews will bring you an afternoon filled with talks on creativity, by those who have played a part in producing some of the most memorable ads in the industry. Editor, Jason Stone will present this two hour session, delving into the relationships and approaches to work that have led to such advertising successes.

Speakers include GiffGaff's Tom Rainsford & Abi Pearl, EP of Riff Raff, Matt Fone, Kate Taylor from Skunk talking about her latest roster addition, Ehsan B; Lee Pavey of Electric Theatre Collective talking us through some of the 'extra curricular' projects his team are undertaking and the team behind the 2008 Cadbury Gorilla will be reunited!


Read their Useful Guide for Commercial Folks HERE. All talks are completely free and filled with inspiration and creativity aimed at making your international shoots more cost effective and exciting.


APA Masterclass 2017 | Applications closed!

The applications for the APA Masterclass 2017 have now closed. Thank you to all that applied & congratulations to the 107 students that made it on to the course. As with every year, there was a very high standard of applications & we look forward to meeting you all next Febuary!

The course will take place 9am - 6pm, 13th - 17th Feb 2017 at the University College London, Student Central, Malet St, London WC1E 7HY.


Report | The APA Collection Amsterdam Screening

Last Thursday saw the APA Collection 2016 make its way over to Amsterdam to share the UK’s top commercial work with an audience made up of the Dutch advertising, marketing and production industries. 

Every year the collection is well-travelled, screening to audiences across the world; Russia and China so far this year to name a few. For 2016 the APA decided it was time to add Amsterdam to the list, acknowledging the city’s importance as the centre for pan-national advertising in continental Europe. With over 150 Dutch guests present and a large amount of British member companies flying over for the event too, the evening proved a success. 

Some of our members already have strong relationships with companies out there, and with the introduction of the APA Collection screening, the event proved fruitful in creating opportunities for them as well as those new to the market to build links further through organising meetings with agencies around the day of the event and then showcasing further British talent through the collection screening. 

Aside from the screening itself, MPC provided VR experiences, which allowed the guests to get hands-on with some of the work being produced in the UK - in this case literally as users were able to stroke the foxes, badger and hedgehog from John Lewis’s #BustertheBoxer Christmas ad, as well as encouraging all sorts of trampoline gymnastics. 

A huge thank you to all of the British companies that came out to support the event, and to Shots, Source Creative, Artbox and Finch Factor for helping to spread the word. 

Also thanks to UKTI, whose involvement with the event and continued support of APA’s aim to spread the word internationally on the work our members make, is deeply appreciated. 



APA Collection Screening in Amsterdam - 24th Nov '16

We're pleased to announce that for the first time the APA Collection will be screening in Amsterdam on the 24th November. 

We're inviting Amsterdam agencies and of course APA members are welcome too. Just email to reserve your place. 

Amsterdam represents an important market for our members, and our screening will help to promotoe the expertise of our members to the city's advertising industry. 



Production company members meeting 30th November 2016

APA Production company members are invited to a meeting at 9.30am Wednesday 30th November at the Courthouse Hotel 19 - 21 Great Marlborough St, London W1F 7HL.

Who is it open to?

Management and staff of APA production company members for an update on production issues, events and APA strategies and initiatives.

Tea and coffee will be served from 9am.





Let's Talk About Sex! An APA and David Reviews Event

Director Alma Har’el launched the ‘Free the Bid’ initiative in the UK only a month ago, and already high profile agencies and a number of multi-national clients have joined the call to include one woman on every three-director shortlist for pitches. 

The root of the issue is of course, the small percentage of directors who are women. Why is this? Is there discrimination? And if there is an issue, is this the best way of addressing it? 

Views on these questions differ dramatically within our industry, so we decided to create this event with David Reviews, to give our members and advertising agencies the chance to express their opinions and hear the other side’s arguments too. Will you leave with the same point of view you held when you started? 

Come along to our event next week and hear what founder Alma Har’el has to say. She will be joined by other key supporters of ‘Free the Bid’ in a special event chaired by David Review’s editor Jason Stone. 



Date | Monday 31st October 2016

Time | 14:00-16:00

Place | LSE's Saw Swee Hock Student Unoin Building

1 Sheffield St, London, WC2A 2EY 

Tickets are £10.00 +VAT with all proceeds going to charity.

Click here to get your tickets. 




APA Masterclass 2017 | 1 week left to apply!

The Masterclass was created by the APA in 2001 and is now established as the industry standard training course for people, whether working for our members or for advertising agencies, who are on their way to becoming producers. Each year, top people in the industry devote time to passing on their expertise via lecturing and hosting study groups. The Masterclass is hugely popular, always over subscribed.

76 students completed the Masterclass successfully in 2013, 92 students in 2014, record 120 students in 2015 and a further 112 in 2016. 

The APA Masterclass is now in its 16th year and continues to go from strength to strength. It has become an essential part of the training of production staff on their way to becoming producers.

Every year we introduce some new elements, based on feedback from tutors and students but last year saw a complete revamp, moving from weekly sessions to one intense week of training. Feedback from the brand new structure proved to be very positive and we are pleased with the results!

A one week intensive course ensures students are completely immersed in the Masterclass and allows an unique insight into every aspect of production, via the industry experts who deliver the course. It is quite a week, so if you are ambitious to develop your career in production and prepared for a week of intense learning, we look forward to receiving your application.

One Week Intense Course

Each day will be starting at 0900 and finishing approx. at 1800. On the final day, we will hold a budgeting day with over 25 top producers guiding the students in an interactive, all-day session. The students will then complete the Masterclass 2017 exam in the following two weeks after the course.


For APA Members - The applicant is a Production Assistant or a Production Manager who the production, editing or post company engaging you believes has the potential to produce commercials within twelve months. Applicants must have a minimum of 2 years experience within the industry to be eligible for the Masterclass.

For Ad Agencies - The applicant is an Agency TV Department staff member who should have completed the IPA Producers Knowledge course

For urgent enquiries, please contact Katie ( or call the APA office on 0207 434 2651.

Please click HERE to apply. The deadline for submissions is 28th Oct. The course is £200 +VAT.