The Advertising Producers Association is the trade body for production companies, post production and VFX and editing companies making commercials. Our objective is to create the best possible business environment for our members to operate in.

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Programme announced- Shanghai London Advertising Forum 2015 week of 19th October

We can announce the programme (Please see HERE) for the event we have organised in Shanghai for the week of 19th October 2015, of which the centre is a two day forum in Shanghai.

We have a great line up comprising the ECD of all the major agencies in Shanghai and representatives of the APA membership.

The aim of SLAF2015 is to promote the expertise of APA members in China, to understand and address barriers to that market and to assist the APA members attending to understand the market and create introductions that will be a foundation for strong business relationships between APA members and Chinese agencies.

For Chinese agencies and advertisers, the forum is an opportunity to learn how to access the expertise they need to create great commercials and interactive projects. For APA members it is an opportunity to create business in a vast and rapidly growing market.

Following our last event in Shanghai in 2007, the APA members attending produced commercials with budgets totalling over £30million in the 15 months that followed that event, something we aim to build on this time.




APA/IPA Interactive contract launched

We launched the new APA/IPA Interactive production contract today at the Courthouse Hotel, London (Please see contract HERE) It is an important step for APA and IPA members  creating interactive content, aiming to do for interactive content what the Part 1 (PIBS) and Part 2 does for TV production- create a foundation on which production companies and agencies can get on with making the best commercial possible, rather than being mired in negotiating contract terms.


When should you use it?


Any film production- whether for TV, the internet or whatever, can and should be contracted on Part 1 (PIBS) and Part 2- the interactive contract is for other types of work: web builds and experiential projects being the main ones.

Typically, the companies creating interactive content may be building a website for, say, a car launch and creating films that populate that website too.

The purpose of the Interactive Framework, which we published, with the IPA, last year (Please see HERE) is to help the parties agree and define the scope of work, how changes will be managed etc, to meet the way interactive productions need to be managed that are different to TV/film production- the difficulties of exploring feasibility against budget, identifying what work is being undertaken and allowing and enabling the client, through the agency, to add to what they require as the project progress but within a framework ensures the scope of work and thus budget are still controllable.

As per the Framework document, a first 50% payment is the recommended course on interactive projects, as commercials.

The contract also deals with issues such as ownership of underlying technology, in a way in which the IPA and ourselves regard as a fair balance of production company and agency interests.

If you have any questions about these documents and when you should use them or help in applying them to an interactive project in practice, please get in touch.



Pictured are, left to right 

Lins Karnes | Managing Director & Executive Producer, Digital,  B-Reel

Valentina Culatti, Managing Director, Unit 9

Steve Davies, Chief Executive APA

James Britton, Managing Partner, Stink Digital who commented:


James Britton said “Interactive producers have put a lot of thought and work into the Interactive Framework and now the Interactive Contract and i am confident we have created a good basis for contracting that will allow interactive production to grow”.

Valentina Culatti said "It has been hard work for all the professionals involved and we are glad we got to this result as a team. This meeting is important in giving the whole industry an understanding of how we created these documents and how and when to  use them.”

Lins Karnes said  “I am delighted that, with the IPA and the key agencies involved there, we have been able to create a document which is a solid foundation for interactive productions and will help to keep UK interactive production companies and agencies at the forefront of interactive work”.


IPA/APA Interactive Production Contract launch 7th October

APA members are invited to the launch of the APA/IPA Interactive Production Contract at 9am Wednesday 7th October at the Courthouse Hotel, Great Marlborough Street, London W1.

The purpose of the Interactive Contract is to provide a strong foundation for interactive production, in the same way as the contract and PIBS provide the foundation on which the UK commercials industry has created great work and to show the UK interactive production industry- both agency and production company- as at the forefront of professionalism in interactive production.



Shots APA Collection Edition out now

The new edition of Shots- a special edition to mark their 25th birthday- contains the DVD of the APA Collection and a booklet of all the credits for the commercials in the Collection.

It is a ready made archive of the best work from the UK and our partnership with Shots mean that the best work from the UK- from APA members- is seen around the world.




APA Masterclass 2016 - Introducing a brand new formula

APA Masterclass 2016 - Introducing a brand new formula 

The APA Masterclass is now in its 15th year and continues to go from strength to strength, with a record number of students graduating last year. It has become an essential part of the training of production staff on their way to becoming producers.

Every year we introduce some new elements, based on feedback from tutors and students. This year sees a complete revamp.

We are moving from weekly sessions to one intense week of training. That will ensure students are completely immersed in the Masterclass and in the space of one week- with lots of effort from them too- get a unique insight into every aspect of production, via the industry experts who deliver the course. It is going to be quite a week, so if you are ambitious to develop your career in production and prepared for a week of intense learning, we look forward to receiving your application.

One Week Intense Course

In previous years, the course was spread across 12 weeks with sessions held weekly. In 2016, the APA Masterclass will be structured as a week long intensive course, and students being introduced and lectured on all attributes and elements of production from the script stage up to the delivery. The Masterclass will be traditionally finished with the APA Masterclass Exam. 

The APA Masterclass 2016 will be held from the 15th - 19th February 2016 at University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY. All days will be starting at 0900 and finishing approx. at 1800.

How to apply

To apply, please click HERE. The deadline for submitting your application will be the 23rd October 2015. Successful applications will be announced by the 30th October 2015. 


For APA Members - The applicant is a Production Assistant or a Production Manager who the production, editing or post company engaging you believes has the potential to produce commercials within twelve months. Applicants must have a minimum of 2 years experience within the industry to be eligible for the Masterclass.

For Ad Agencies - The applicant is an Agency TV Department staff member who should have completed the IPA Producers Knowledge course.

For further details on the course structure, the Masterclass team etc, please see the pdf link at the top right corner. For urgent enquiries, please contact Kristyna at the APA office.


You raised an incredible £35,211 to help refugees!

The commercial production and advertising industries Refugee Relief Night raised an incredible £35,211 for Medecins Sans Frontieres. The money will be spent on producing doctors and medical supplies for refugee camps in Syria and for refugees from Syria in camps in Jordan, Iran, Lebanon and Turkey.
Maryam Khan from MSF explained how money raised would provide real help to refugees, explaining by way of example, how £5 will provide fresh water for 5,000 people for a day.
Many thanks to all of you who donated the amazing auction and raffle prizes and who bid for them and bought raffle tickets.
If you weren’t able to attend and would like to contribute, you can at"
Photo shows auctioneer extraordinaire, Charlie Crompton, whipping the crowd into a frenzy during the RRN auction at the 100 Club.



Shanghai London Advertising Forum 2015 is next month!

The Shanghai London Advertising Forum 2015 will bring APA members together with Chinese agencies and production companies in the week of 19th October. The main event will be a forum over two days- 20th to 21st October, at the Sigma Film Club in Shanghai- a great venue, with space and light on the Bund and the river.

We have great enthusiasm from Chinese agencies and from APA members, meaning we will have a delegation of 20 companies from the APA membership.

It is a unique opportunity to get the best insights and connections with the huge and growing Chinese advertising market. Please get in touch if you are interested in being part of it.




Refugee Relief Night - Fundraising Event for Syria

JOIN US The world is facing the biggest refugee crisis since the second world war. There are now almost 60 million people fleeing conflict and persecution around the world. Many take huge risks with their lives trying to find a safe new home, but escaping the horrors of war can often be as dangerous as enduring them.

We are all conscious of this crisis and many people in our industry want to do something to help, so we are putting on an event to do so. We want the whole industry to be involved and you can help by coming on the night, buying raffle tickets and auctioned items (it would help to explain what sort of items).

Any donations of items to be auctioned will be extremely welcome. Please email if you can donate any items or want to help in any other way.

All money raised will go to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), who work around the world to provide refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) with everything they need from psychological care to lifesaving nutrition. They set up hospitals in refugee camps, help women give birth safely, vaccinate children to prevent epidemics and provide access to safe drinking water. They also conduct search and rescue work to save the lives of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean sea.

100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1D 1LL

Wednesday, 23rd September 2015; 1800 - 2300

Ticket on the door: £5

RSVP via Facebook HERE.