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Action on Diversity Partnership with Hackney and Westminster Councils announced

We announced the launch of our Action on Diversity Partnerships with the One Business Partnership (Westminster Council) and Inspire! Business Partnership (Hackney Council) in Soho today (12th November).

The aim of the partnership is to give young people from different backgrounds and ethnicities the oppurtunity to lean about the industry and how it works, to have sufficient information to pursue a career within it if their aptitude and ability are suitable.

APA Members are keen to support the initiative, by providing work experience and mentorship for candidates that Westminster and Hackney Councils put forward.

We will be publishing a guide, in conjunction with both organisations, explaining how the schemes will work, how to get involved and the support that will be provided to help achieve the best possible outcome for the young people on it and the companies that accommodate them.


Action on Diversity launch meeting 9am Thursday 12th November

We are pleased to announce the APA’s partnerships with Hackney and Westminster Council to provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds from those boroughs. 

It takes place at 9am Thursday 12th November at The Courthouse Hotel in Great Marlborough Street, London W1. Details can be found HERE 

It builds on our Diversity Forum in Cannes, where we explored the lack of diversity in the advertising industry and the lack of opportunity within it for some sections of society based on race, class and geography and identified why it would benefit the industry for that to be addressed.

APA members are very supportive of increasing diversity, so the goal for us is to provide a means for you to achieve that goal.

The partnerships we will announce tomorrow will provide a means of doing that.


Report from the The Diversity Panel at Ciclope Festival in Berlin

The Diversity Panel at Ciclope Festival in Berlin with:

Sally Campbell | Founding Partner, Somesuch, United Kingdom
Kerstin Emhoff | Co-Founder / EP, Prettybird, USA
Janette De Villiers | EP, Ground Glass, South Africa
Preethi Mariappan | ECD, Razorfish, Germany
Steve Davies | CE, APA, United Kingdom

The panel took us on to the next stage- tackling diversity in practice- from the foundation of the APA’s Diversity Forum in Cannes, by getting an international perspective and looking at attempts to address the issue around the world. Janette introduced us to the South African point of view and the positive discrimination legislation in place agains the interesting background of how the country has moved on from apartheid; Kerstin enlighten us about the work of the LA based project Streetlights; assisting talented and motivated young adult minorities, many economically and socially disadvantaged, to break through into the industry; Sally and Steve have spoken about the practical steps they are taking to tackle the issue in the UK and Preethi shared her story and experience as an Indian woman working as Executive Creative Director in Germany. A video of the event will be available on the Ciclope site shortly.

If you wish to learn more about the Streetlights activities, please check out their page.



Advertisers need us, rather than data- FT

This excellent article from Saturday’s Financial Times magazine reflects on how advertising is beginning to reflect on the limitations of data and analytics and to conclude it needs commercials that connect with people.

That embracing digital and measurement has caused the industry to lose sight of what made it valuable in the first place.

Online appeared to solve the advertising wastage problem by enabling advertisers to target their ads and social media enabled brands to engage with consumers.

In 2010 Pepsi ditched TV advertising for social media, which earned it over one million Facebook likes but lost it a calamitous 5% market share.

Lessons learned now include that brands don’t grow on the back of loyal customers but on light users- so targeting existing users is the opposite of what a brand should do.

Plus engagement is pointless because it doesn’t get to light users and, in the words of Diageo, people don’t want to engage with brands because “they don’t care about them”.

Add this to concerns as to fraudulent data for online, with many page impressions being made by robots, and Ad blocking and the fact that TV advertising is at a record high, advertisers should be seeing the expertise that APA members offer as absolutely critical to their business success. 

Read the article here:




APA Diversity Panel at Ciclope Festival

If you happen to be attending Ciclope Festival in Berlin this week, join us on Friday at 10:00 for the APA Diversity Panel with Steve Davies (APA), Sally Campbell (Somesuch, UK), Kerstin Emhoff (Prettybird US), Janette De Villiers (Ground Glass, SA) and Preethi Mariappan (Razorfish, GER). 



APA in Shanghai- The Report

A fantastic week of learning and building new business relationships for the APA companies who accompanied us to Shanghai last week and the Chinese advertising agencies we met with. Our two day event enjoyed great support, with the CCO’s/ECD’s of all the major agencies presenting and a venue packed with Chinese agency personnel. 

Who came? What was presented? What did we learn? What next? Read all about it- and see the photos and the three minute film of the APA’s Shanghai London Advertising Forum 2015 HERE.




Our Shanghai event on film

You can see what happened when we went to Shanghai in this three minute film HERE.

Excellent speakers, an engaged audience and a warm welcome from Shanghai’s advertising community.




Reactions to the APA in Shanghai

Nils Andersson, President and Chief Creative Officer, Greater China, TBWA/Shanghai - 
"The APA visit was timely, as China is currently making a conscious move to Made in China being a mark of world class quality. A domestic demand economy is fuelled by domestic desire, and quality film making for both international brands, and local is an important part of that heady cocktail of desire. U.K. production and direction is world class, and there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration. And as we look to the future as Chinese brands continue to expand beyond the confines of the country, those collaborations will only increase."

Meriel Bunney-Gillies, Creative Development, LS Productions – 
“Thank you to the APA team for organising this incredibly insightful event and in such a fascinating city! It really struck me how much the Chinese advertising industry has changed in the last few years, and it was fantastic to hear the new rules as imagined by Shanghai-based creatives Kevin Lee, Nils Andersson, Graham Fink and more. Here’s to going back soon!”

Tony Liu, CEO/CCO, M&C Saatchi aeiou - 
“Thank you for the great successful forum. It was a very inspiring two days. Not to mention the amount of useful information exchanged between two cities production professional.
APA London set the frontier of bringing London and Shanghai's production industries and agencies together opening a new gateway for both cities advertising and production experts. And love your arrangement of the after party to have a much closer social + business engagement for the participants. I am already looking forward to the next one"

For more reactions click HERE


Programme announced- Shanghai London Advertising Forum 2015 week of 19th October

We can announce the programme (Please see HERE) for the event we have organised in Shanghai for the week of 19th October 2015, of which the centre is a two day forum in Shanghai.

We have a great line up comprising the ECD of all the major agencies in Shanghai and representatives of the APA membership.

The aim of SLAF2015 is to promote the expertise of APA members in China, to understand and address barriers to that market and to assist the APA members attending to understand the market and create introductions that will be a foundation for strong business relationships between APA members and Chinese agencies.

For Chinese agencies and advertisers, the forum is an opportunity to learn how to access the expertise they need to create great commercials and interactive projects. For APA members it is an opportunity to create business in a vast and rapidly growing market.

Following our last event in Shanghai in 2007, the APA members attending produced commercials with budgets totalling over £30million in the 15 months that followed that event, something we aim to build on this time.