The Advertising Producers Association is the trade body for production companies, post production and VFX and editing companies making commercials. Our objective is to create the best possible business environment for our members to operate in.

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APA Member’s success at Cannes Lions- who won what

Congratulations to the many APA member companies who won at Cannes, maintaining the long tradition of UK success. UK companies also feature in the Palm D’Or each year- the list of the most awarded production companies in the world- and congratulations to Blink and Somesuch, respectively the second and third most awarded production companies in the world this year.


You can see a list of all the winners from the APA membership HERE


Diversity- turning words into action

Our Diversity Summit in Cannes involved six speakers with different perspectives on diversity addressing issues such as the lack of women in creative roles, the lack of opportunity for people from ethnic minorities and different social classes within the industry and why these issues matter, not just to society but to the advertising industry, as it seeks new inspirations and to better reflect the society it is advertising too.

Inspirational speakers (list them and their companies) came at the issues from different directions, providing a very interesting set of view points and moving on to the next stage- action.

You can read a report of the APA’s Diversity Forum at





Steve Davies in Campaign on in-house production

Campaign carried a piece on agency in house production, in which we summarised our issues with it and you can read it HERE.

In house production was also the subject of the World Producers Summit in Cannes, where 100 production company owners from around the world shared their perspectives on how the issue effected them and how they were responding. 

That was one of four populate APA events at Cannes. Reports to follow


The History of the APA Vol 1

When did the APA start and who started it? Are questions we are often asked. So we have delved back into the history of the APA, through interviews with some of the people who were key to the formation and development of the APA. That includes Jim Garrett, who was around and a key player in the foundation of the APA in 1955, along with Patrick Hayes and Mike Luckwell, who served as Chairman of the APA in the 1970’s and current APA Chairman (with John Hackney), Lewis More O’Ferrall, whose involvement as a Council member and then Chairman dates back to the 1970’s.

With their assistance, The History of the APA charts the development of the organisation from the early battles to the broad remit it now serves in contracts, advice, crew terms, promotion of its members, assistance to members in accessing new markets, through events such as The Future of Advertising…In One Afternoon and marketing events around the world to training, all serving the APA’s aim of creating the best possible business environment for its members.

Please click HERE to read 'The History of the APA'.



Diversity Summit - Thursday 25 June 2015 · 9am - 11am @ Plage Goeland, Cannes

Diversity—or the lack of it—in the advertising industry is a hot topic. What are the issues and how do we turn concern into effective action? That is the subject of the APA’s Diversity Summit in Cannes.

We bring you thought-leaders and pioneers of transformative action. The people already changing our industry for the better.

They will address the key diversity issues: the lack of women in senior creative and management roles, and the lack of opportunity for people from ethnic minorities. The speakers will explore the benefits of a more diverse intake, drawn from the broadest possible talent base—better reflecting the population our industry actually advertises to.

Steve Davies | APA 


See below for information about each of our speakers. 




CFPe/Shots Young Directors Awards @ Cannes

Thursday 25th June 2015

1800 - 2030 Long Beach

The annual cfp-e/shots Young Director Award is a renowned and established part of the Cannes Lions week. An event which has seen talented directors such as Ringan Ledwidge,Aleksander Bach and Hanna Maria Heidrich come to the fore as winners of the competition. RSVP by visiting HERE


Diversity Forum @ Cannes

Thursday 25th June 2015

0930 - 1130 Plage Goeland

Diversity Summit will offer a panel of experts to exemine the roots of issues related to minority and gender inequality in our industry and solutions based on a real understanding of what the roots of those problems are. Keynote speaker is Tom Knox, Chairman DLKW Lowe and IPA President RSVP by emailing Space is limited and we will let you know if your RSVP has been successful.


Location Guide Soiree @ Cannes

Wednesday 24th June 2015

1830 - 2130 Plage Goeland

The Location Guide and the APA are holding the annual Cannes Lions Soiree fringe event which is a great opportunity to network with people from throughout the international advertising community. RSVP by emailing to Space is limited and we will let you know if your RSVP has been successful.