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204 Northside Studios
16-29 Andrews Rd
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Founded by artists Magdalena Zalewska and Nikita Shestakov, MNFST is a London-based creative studio specialising in high-end 3D Motion, Digital Art & Design.

A result of technical expertise and passion for Design, Fashion, Photography and Moving Images, our work aims to blur the boundaries between art and technology.


RT @BrambillaStudio:Honored to be a part of the @SuperRare community where Partial Equilibrium will hopefully find a home. Thanks for the support so far. The platform is full of great artists, who, in return, I want to share my support. [Will continue to update this thread]
1 year ago
RT @BrambillaStudio:Thank you @SuperRare for including Partial Equilibrium in your featured releases. Great work from @marcus_cuscus and @VanArman too.
1 year ago