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Inkubus is a London based full service creative animation studio.

Our pulling power resides in all the talent we appropriate into killer collectives to suit your projects, working directly from our London Studio.

Our amazing roster of artists all have a broad experience in the industry. Our team consists of ex-Disney and Warner Bros animators, award winning directors and designers, celebrated feature film storyboard artists, to fresh off the press insanely talented young guns.

We relish the opportunity of new challenges and thrive in creating exciting, engaging work on all platforms.

We always work very closely with our clients in order to achieve the very best creative results on brief, on budget and on time.



@WonderhoodHQ@KarmaColaUK Looks so fun!! If you ever decide to go all out and animate Lesley. We'd love to bring his world to life.
4 weeks ago
@KarmaColaUK If you ever make an animated campaign with Lesley please let us animate him. Oh the joy!!
4 weeks ago
Goodbye comfy seats of bus 45 hello rock hard seats of the 40.
1 month ago
Check out James' @Kickstarter Dungeons and Dragons Magical item Deck…#D&D #dungeonsanddragons#cards#magic
1 month ago