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RT @SafeHands_:We aren't the only ones who love #mesntrualcups - hear from users about why they love their cup #loveyourcup#itsamenstrualcup
3 years ago
Happy Valentine’s Day ! Check out it new campaign we’ve collaborated with @SafeHands_ tackling menstrual stigma and period poverty through the wonders of menstrual cups…
3 years ago
Our campaign we created for @SafeHands_ goes live today! Raising awareness for period poverty and menstrual stigma through the wonders of menstrual cups. Happy Galentine's Day!…#safehandsformothers#happymc#periodpoverty
3 years ago
RT @SafeHands_:Happy Galentine's Day! This #GalentinesDay, we're asking people to share why they made the switch to #menstrualcup using the hashtag #loveyourcup as we launch our latest campaign
3 years ago