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Gaggle is a comedy content company. It’s an awful expression and deeply misfortunate alliteration, but hey, that is what we do… we make funny stuff. The shape and size of the content varies wildly from project to project: we produce TV ads of course, but increasingly our work is sprung onto the world in the form of online content. Add in social media, posters and even books, and you get a sense of what we make. Just as long as it needs to be funny, we can turn our hand to it.

The reason behind our success is that we use people to write, produce and direct the work, who have a very short attention span when it comes to marketing. These are men and women who GET PAID TO write jokes and scripts, shoot and direct TV shows, stand-up and film. It means we don’t get wrapped up in brand pyramids and engagement strategies, and focus on what we think is important – making content and advertising that makes people smile and laugh. It’s a privileged way to make a living.