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Fat Lemon
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FAT LEMON is a production company producing commercials and content that are filmic and wildly creative. Based in Shoreditch, London, UK.


Welcome Jim Owen to the Fat Lemon family. We are very excited to have this lovely chap on board, and we have some exciting new work we’ve just done together coming up. . . . . . . #fatlemon#director#advertising#comedy#talent
1 month ago
Check out the Drum video with Alex Turner discussing the making of his new Kelly's Ice Cream TVC:
2 months ago
Our Barry's front page news at @MrDavidReviews - Read all the great things we have to say about him here:
3 months ago
Barry Kimber is a Lemon! His latest ad for @webuyanyhomeuk is now live at 🍋🎥
3 months ago