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Fat Lemon
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FAT LEMON is a production company producing commercials and content that are filmic and wildly creative. Based in Shoreditch, London, UK.


@RattlingStick@CreativeReview Although equally, you could say "It’s no good having an enormously ambitious idea and then still wanting to do that idea in the same way, for the LESS money than before." Which feels the norm now.
16 hours ago
RT @TwitterMktg: Who's a marketer everyone should follow?
3 days ago
Close to FL Towers @victoriamiro Grayson Perry's The MOST Specialest Relationship exhibition is well worth a visit. Very very good. Every single piece is incredible - now where are those winning lottery numbers?
4 days ago
@NellFrizzell Still can’t walk past one and not pick it up.
4 days ago