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Dingo Bill Productions
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We make beautiful stuff.

When we say ‘stuff’, we actually mean ‘multi-platform digital films that deliver our client’s message eloquently, whilst serving the audience with engaging, enjoyable and valuable content’. ‘Stuff’ is just a little easier to say.

Our heritage in documentary and passion for story-telling ingrains itself in every film: a strong, clear narrative that engages the audience from the first frame to the last.

The visual aesthetic we’ve honed through years of working with fashion and beauty brands, permeates through each film, ensuring that this ‘stuff’ we’re delivering, is, well, beautiful.

We are a digital film production company.

You don’t need us to tell you that ‘digital’ is the future, as we’re sure the reason you’re here is that you know that it’s very much the ‘now’.

But brands can no longer rely on shoe-string budgets and the amateur videography that still defines much of the world’s digital content. For your brand to truly compete online, your digital needs to be of a certain quality: broadcast-quality.

Dingo Bill has been producing broadcast-quality digital content since 2010 – in fact, our Head of Production, Jacob Madsen, has been producing broadcast productions since 2002. Which, funnily enough, was the same year that our CEO, Oliver Warren, had his first broadcast documentary aired.

So you can see, we’re serious about delivering broadcast-quality, digitally-affordable, beautiful stuff.

And the beautiful thing about delivering broadcast-quality digital content? Well, it can be broadcast.

We offer full service, mulit-platform productions.

Dingo Bill Productions is a full-service production company, specifically tailored to meet the demands and realities of the industry today.

We work with Ad Agencies, PR Firms, Creative Producers and direct with Brands, finding ourselves at the cross section where each of these meet: often not only working direct with a brand, but also with their agency too.

Our projects scale from quirky guerrilla branded Vines to global still and broadcast television commercial campaigns. And the best thing is, we love them all.

The reason that every single client comes back for more, is that regardless of platform, scale or content, we do it well and we do it with passion.

Why not come make beautiful stuff with us?



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