Posted on February 4, 2020

Junior Archive Assistant

Closing: March 10th 2020

Job summary:

Working for the data team, you will be required to work within a close team to achieve a rapid response time for the client.

You will be a proactive, and hardworking individual. Willing to get the job done, with no job being too big or too small. Someone with-out-the-box thinking and excellent problem solving.

Communicating clearly with all members of staff is key.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • TSM – IBM Spectrum protect v7.1.100 – Spectra Logic T950 Robot
  • Archiving – Removal of finished, unwanted and un-needed material from the live server.
  • Resorting to live server – Restoring from LTO media, to live isilon server
  • Live server searches – Material producer is unable to locate but will have a file/folder name to search.
  • Archive Searches – Material producer is unable to locate but will have a file/folder name to search.
  • Daily DU lists created via Crontab – Lists created and sent out via informative excel document.
  • Robot Maintenance – tapes in and out and storage.
  • LTO Maintenance – stored correctly onsite, offsite and in numerical order
  • Red Wednesday – Remove material that has been dormant on the server.
  • Daily database backups – ensuring the archive database is backed up every night.
  • Covering all brands/company’s under the Tagworldwide umbrella.
  • 700TB server with around 1.35PB of archived material.
  • Unexpected Projects – Mass data retrievals and mass data analysis.

Skills and Experience:

 Essential knowledge:

  • Library
  • The Logging of all incoming media, logging out of outgoing media. Via our in house logging system Cakes.
  • Booking domestic and international couriers for overnight via our booking agent Gem Worldwide.
  • Booking domestic same day couriers via our agent Rush Couriers. For Bikes, Motorbikes and vans.
  • Maintenance of all material held on site. Having tapes readily organised for the MCR department. Having hardrives also readily available for the Grading department.
  • Maintenance of our offsite storage, around 500,000 pieces of media. Used between two offsite agents Tip Top Media & Abbotts Storage house.
  • Dealing with requests for old media that Smoke & Mirrors have worked on from external and internal clients.
  • Ordering media via media agents Protape. This will include but not be limited to LTO tapes and Hardrives.
  • Processing invoices for all above via our in house system CMD.

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