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Posted on September 20, 2017

Filmmaker @ Casual Films

Technical Profile

This role is to be the new Filmmaker in our London office. It is a one-off opportunity to get into an important position in a rapidly expanding group and develop quickly over the next five years while the company grows beneath you.

We’re looking for a highly skilled, creative and multi-disciplined filmmaker to take ownership of projects. It’s essential that you’re proficient working with lighting and cameras (often an FS7) and have a lot of experience editing with Adobe Premiere. You must have at least four years experience of working in corporate video, content production or advertising industries. The ability to combine storytelling with technical knowledge and editing flair is central to the role, and you must be able to show us work where you have translated great ideas into visually stunning and effective end products. The ideal candidate will combine great technical knowledge of on-set filmmaking and post-production process with creativity and craft. The role is split, fairly evenly, between planning or attending shoots and working on edits in-house.

The opportunities here are exciting and expanding and so is our team. We want the very best to join us.


  • Use the client brief, assess kit, location and post-production requirements in association with Producers
  • Attend pre-production meetings for key projects to help develop the concepts in line with the client brief
  • Pick where to film on location, set up and operate lights, ensure the set looks good, and the subjects involved are comfortable
  • Operate the camera, make decisions about what you are filming and how you are filming it to fulfil the client brief
  • Direct the shoot, make creative and content decisions whilst filming
  • Look after footage: back it up at least twice while on site
  • Back the footage up on the server and a computer before processing it
  • Choose and assemble the good footage from the rushes including interviews and cut-aways; manipulate the plot, score, sound, and graphics to refine the overall story into a continuous and enjoyable whole film
  • Work with the Production Assistants (and sometimes directly with Clients) to incorporate client feedback, provide commentary and explanations, and produce a final draft version of the project


Casual are a video content production company that works with many of the world’s most exciting brands. We’ve won a whole bunch of awards. We’ve made literally thousands of animations and films for over 100 international brands telling stories that move, inspire, and entertain their audiences. We’re a close team that punches above its weight with accolades, creativity, and client base. We’re ambitious, full of great ideas, and we work hard. We like to push the boundaries within corporate, commercial, and employer communications, and we’re rather good at it, as our crowded awards cabinet will show. In 2017 our peers voted us the number 1 corporate production company in the UK last year giving us a justifiable claim as the best video content production company in the UK. After a decade in business, the Casual team is now 45 strong and is spread across offices in London, New York and California. The opportunities here are exciting and expanding and so is our team. We want the very best to join us. For more information on our group, please visit


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Submission Deadline:

29 October 2017