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Posted on July 25, 2017

Consultant for Production Companies / Directors available 

Who I am:

Highly skilled production individual with a vast database of agency, director and overall industry contacts in UK, Europe and the US with Executive Producer and Head of Sales background. I have worked for top international and UK companies

What I can offer you!

If you are a Production Company:

  • Focused consultation based specifically on your individual company & roster of talent (including UK, European and International agencies to get in touch with and new talent to watch/sign that will benefit your company)
  • Assistance with reading scripts & putting appropriate directors to pitch (freelance directors if yours are not available) as well as help with treatment research//writers and finding great producers that are suited to your individual directors if the job is won
  • Assistance with DOPs and Set Designers as well as Post and Edit facilities and Editors/Colourists
  • PR advice and as well as help with managing your press relations. This includes effectively sending your new work out, helping with newsletters and your social media presence. As well as assistance with your website & its presence
  • Any relevant advice on what will better your company’s success based on individual needs that your company may have

If you are a Director (looking for a production company or seeking advice):

  • Focused consolation based on your current work and advice on the next steps
  • UK production company introductions that I think will be well suited for you
  • International production company introductions (US, Europe, Canada)
  • Assistance with expanding your database of great producers that you will find a lasting working relationship with
  • Assistance with expanding your database of great cinematographers

Contact on: [email protected]