We’re a neuro-diverse network united by a common goal – to champion and empower neuro-diversity in the creative and tech industries.

By raising our voices together, and owning our narratives, we aim to celebrate our achievements, share our challenges, and lead the way in this new frontier of diversity


RT @geniuswithinCIC:A brilliant night of #ActuallyAutistic comedy! We were delighted to be involved, it so good to laugh 🤣 Thanks to @thefutureisnd and @MediaComUKhttps://t.co/knho4mpDPp
3 weeks ago
RT @Paulwady:A great night and well done everyone. Really enjoyed meeting people. Very good atmosphere. This woman was brilliant. #ActuallyAutistichttps://t.co/GImfiuhd74
3 weeks ago
RT @mnicholascomic:What a brilliant comedy night this was @MediaComUK yesterday. It was an honour to host the show! Thank you to @thefutureisnd for organising this all. If you are thinking of putting a night on yourself celebrating Neurodiversity, am more than happy to host #comedy#Neurodiversehttps://t.co/jueshSIe1Z
3 weeks ago