We’re a neuro-diverse network united by a common goal – to champion and empower neuro-diversity in the creative and tech industries.

By raising our voices together, and owning our narratives, we aim to celebrate our achievements, share our challenges, and lead the way in this new frontier of diversity


RT @ana_jaks:I think this is a really important episode, whether you’re ND or not; in the creative industry or not. The needs and struggles of ND people have to be heard & listened too. I learned a lot from all the other guests - thank you @katiecad 💛 #ADHDAwarenessMonth#inclusionhttps://t.co/wIobWe4q0y
19 hours ago
RT @lucykhobbs:Whats it really like to be #neurodivergent in the creative industry? Delighted to have been part of this brilliantly produced podcast by @katiecad on a subject very close to my heart ♥️ “Inclusivity for ND people makes things accessible for everyone” #Neurodiversity#NDatworkhttps://t.co/yQeRvSjgeu
19 hours ago
RT @lucykhobbs:Interesting piece about an ND hiring program @ EY and how not to do “inclusion” “Let your neurodiverse employees tell you who they are, what they can offer, and dictate the services they need. Don’t blanket us with your good intentions and broad ideas.” https://t.co/lX4EOgVVPn
4 days ago
Update: Agenda times have been bought forward half an hour for this event. Guests can now arrive from 5.30pm for the program to start at 6pm. Program ends at 8pm, guests start to leave from 8.30pm. Closes at 9pm.
6 days ago