Just Runners is designed to create a fair and equal entry system into the film industry.

We supply runners for film shoots. We are pro-diversity.

Gender, race, class, religion and disability do not hinder talent, lack of opportunity does.

We represent those who do not know someone in the industry.


Just Runners’ Ana knows how to keep up the momentum, and was on set with @RiffRaffFilms recently. Thanks Jess + Riff Raff for maintaining inclusion by hiring a Just Runner. @APALondon@The_IPA@BAFTA@BFI#rolemodels#inclusion#filmproductionhttps://t.co/qMkPHh4yOY
2 months ago
We caught up with JRUK's Burcu, who was glad to see masks still worn on @BiscuitUK set. She learned a lot from 2nd AD Henry and producer Samantha. Thanks guys for being so inclusive, and thank you Biscuit 👏 #rolemodels#inclusion@APALondon@theipa@bafta@BFIhttps://t.co/APyyHtXNZ6
3 months ago
At a Westminster school, aged btw 15-16 and on free schl meals? Here's a chance to learn about film production, and get involved in making a short film: JRUK's Summer Film Schl starts Aug 9th. The course runs 4-days-a-week over 4 wks. Apply: paul@pforproduction.com #inclusionhttps://t.co/xUmHHH6KF2
3 months ago
@leoniemaycooper I LOVE these flats on this street, bloody smoggy but I’d take it
3 months ago