British Arrows 2020

Posted in News, tagged with British Arrows, on March 26, 2021

We would like to both congratulate the team at British Arrows (particularly co-chairs Clare Donald and APA Council member Jani Guest) for the success of last night’s live streamed awards, as well as sending a big round of applause to all the winners. 

It’s always welcome to see the hard work and talent of those we have as members celebrated.

In total across all categories and awards members nabbed 159 Arrows! 

As the roadmap to reducing Lockdown continues, we look forward to future awards and the chance to applaud future winners in person! 


Academy Films | 2 Craft Golds 
Biscuit Filmworks | Arrows Gold & 2 Craft Golds
Blink Productions | Arrows Gold 
Caviar | Arrows Gold 
ETC | 4 Arrows Golds & Craft Gold
Final Cut |  Arrows Gold 
Framestore | 3 Arrows Golds
Furlined | Arrows Gold 
Hungry Man | Arrows Gold 
Jam VFX | 2 Arrows Golds
The Mill | 2 Arrows Golds & Craft Gold
MJZ | Arrows Gold 
MPC | Arrows Gold & 4 Craft Golds 
Nexus Studios | 3 Craft Golds
Pulse Films | Arrow Gold
(Production Company of the Year & Commercial of the Year for Oscar Hudson’s AirPods ‘Bounce’)
RSA | Craft Gold
SMUGGLER | Arrows Gold 
Somesuch | 3 Arrows Golds & Craft Gold
TenThree | Craft Gold
Time Based Arts | Craft Gold 
Stink | Arrows Gold 

For the full list of the night’s winners click HERE